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Unity3D Book Page Curl - Pro

The “Unity3D Book Page Curl Pro” is a unity package that is used to create a book with page flip effect using unity3D native UI tools, with much more features than the free version.

Getting Started

Download the unity package from unity Asset Store.

Video tutorial

Watch a video version of this tutorial here .

Create your first book:

What you need to know about your first book:

Add/Delete/Modify papers:

Flipping Range:

In many cases you may need to strict the papers that can be flipped(i.e. you may need to prevent the first and last papers from being flipped), in this case you can determin the range of flipping from the “Flipping Range” in the inspector, you can see how this feature can be useful by checking out the first example scene

Create Automatic Flipping Book:

Control Flipping Manually:

This section will explore how to create a scene like the “Example_2” scene.

Button OnClick event

Performance Optimization:

If you port your app to mobile you may experience a performance issues as the default setting of the book is consuming a lot of draw calls, here are some tips to improve the performance: